Wednesday, October 26, 2011

holy tired, batman

So I'm not really sleeping well lately.  What tends to happen is I drift off around 12:50 and then I wake up - feeling quite refreshed - look at the time on my phone and see that it is 1am... or just after 1am and then Michael gets up.  He hasn't slept through the night in about a week.  He has a cold and is miserable in the night, but pretty good during the day - last night was just uncomfortable (mostly for me) because we slept on the couch and he pushed me off twice - so I'm tired and sore this morning.  He is still sleeping beside me - just glad that he got some sleep.

My long time readers and friends know that I've been dealing with some personal stuff lately.  I remain uninterested in airing my laundry on my blog - even though I've been airing everything else on here for more than seven years and many years before than when I had the CFTR website and wrote rants and raves which one day became a "blog" because someone decided that was what it was called.  Needless to say things are in upheaval at the moment and I will likely be taking a bit of a break from blogging through this, but that is only due to a limited internet feed in my evenings as I move on with things - literally and physically.  I believe that most of my friends and I are connected on Facebook and if you would like more information or my new coordinates I'll private message them to you.

And on another note... winter is definitely here.  My hands started to feel all scratchy last night - so it won't be long now.  (They are the first things to go as the weather dries out.) What will be different - well I finally found something for my hands that is saving them... picked it up from my hair salon that also offers spa treatments.  I went in for my feet (which are completely cured now - thanks to the fabulous girl working that day) and she suggested a product and presto change-o my feet got better - that was four months ago and they are still great.  Used a little bit on my hands and it totally worked yesterday.  If anyone is interested in product information I can post it - it is just in a box this morning and I'm feeling lazy and not rushing to dig it out for the blog this morning.

Alright - well I need to start making lunches  and maybe even watch some news.
My love to you.   xo

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