Sunday, October 09, 2011

hello sushi

Today was good
Today was fun
Tomorrow is gonna suck

Alright - so it isn't poetry... so I'm not excited about driving out tomorrow and I don't really care about turkey dinner this year - first time I haven't cooked it in 15 years - so I'm pretty much anti-turkey day right now... blah...

Ok - so let's move on - onward and upward

First some photos from today.. and then my Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend...

Thanksgiving weekend - let's all be thankful for everything we do have in life. Even with the difficult times and the stresses of life we all have many things to be thankful for.  I know I'm thankful! xo
And to be as untraditional as possible - we went with sushi tonight - had a late start so it is sushi leftovers for the drive to nazko (boooo) and post run celebration food (yeah!)




Prepping imitation crab for california rolls

Prepped crab

Something new.. lettuce and zucchini...

BBQ salmon

Rice prepping
And onto the first roll...

Avocado, zucchini, lettuce, shrimp
(something different)

About 2 heaping tablespoons of prepared sushi rice

Pressed out with wet hands 

California roll

Michael's roll - no nori - this is rice, BBQ salmon, and egg

Rolls - ready for cutting

Time to cut up and test

Boxed and ready for tomorrow

Mmmm - sushi

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