Friday, October 07, 2011

my disneyland

I had a case of the blog, blog, blog, blog stop... but I'm back.

I was pretty busy out east and just never seemed to find the time to blog... but I did take a lot of photos and they are below.  Highlights - well I got my certification, we won an award (a medal) and I went to Ottawa (yeah, I did - and it was AWESOME!)

So here I am getting my certificate.  It was pretty great.  I'm working on additional training and have more work to do, but I'm pretty happy to have gotten this far and having finished something.

Here I am picking up our medal for best interactive media campaign in Canada ... yeah baby!
Yep - I was very very excited for our team and organization! Still am!

Here is the beauty they tried to confiscate from me at the airport - apparently it could be used as a weapon.  They were right - had they tried to take it away I would have tried to stuff it down their throat.

And then there was Ottawa...

Speaker of the Senate entrance (right hand side of the main parliament building)

Yep - at the Public Entrance sign... under the bell tower

Of course I'm sharing a beaver shot with you :)

The walkway between the centennial flame and the bell tower

I'm milling about - waiting on the bell... waiting to hear it one more time before I leave a place I've wanted to see my entire life... waiting, waiting...

'miss' says the police officer
he's been watching me from the car - I probably look suspicious - people don't tend to hang out as long as I have ... must be a terrorist... damn it... sooo caught... 

um yes

'where are you from'
gawd, what did i do, is there a no loitering sign... damn it... 

British Columbia

'well, that's about as far away from here as you can get in Canada'
yes, mr.officer, sir, it is


'so, would you like your picture taken with me'
seriously... seriously...

Um, yes, of course!

I love that I help pay for parliament and police officers that like their photos taken with crazy tourists like me... yeah tax dollars - hooray!
Me and the Centennial Flame - being here was the most ethnically diverse place I've been - there were so many different people - wandering the site or taking photos... only one person that I noticed spending the kind of time I spent there... and he kept getting me to take pictures of him and his family.. it was fun.

Fantastic Parliament!

I was sooo excited when I finally got here and then cried as I drove by to try and find parking, cried some more when I walked onto the site and then cried as I walked back to my car after two hours of wandering and being so struck by it all - it was very tough to leave a place that I'd always wanted to be at.. but I left... and I'll return.. one day.

The sunset on my way back to Peterborough... this was before I got lost... but I found my way again.. life is never boring with me... 

I'm off to PG in the morning get some computer gear - home in the afternoon and hoping that we will get a good fall day and some outside time.

Love to you - kisses and hugs xo


Jen said...

You know, I'm pretty proud to know you. You accomplish so much, and are such a wonderful person. I'm glad the interweb was invented so that I can say that I know you.


april said...

Aw, Jen - this totally made me cry - thank you so much - I'm so glad that we've been able to stay in touch - I always say thanks for Mr Jobs and Mr Gates and good old Zuckerberg - for making sure we can all stay connected! Thank you so much! xo xo