Sunday, October 09, 2011

wow - that totally kicked me in the junk

Today we went and watched the last of the salmon in the creek.  (Photos later) We also went for a run and I am quite surprised at the change in my endurance and speed.  Michael wasn't into it at all today, but even when he was I was keeping up and feeling good - a far cry from where I was in July.

We had lunch at the house and played outside and had fun.  Then at 2pm I decided to have some new tea that I bought - green tea with lemon grass and peppermint - now it said soothing.... I didn't realize that meant kick you in the junk you're gonna lie down and be knocked out by this tea.  I was on Skype with my brother drinking the tea and then as soon as I got off the phone we put in a movie and I outright crashed.  I woke up after two hours and felt like a train had hit me.

So I'm getting over the effects of being knocked out for a few hours - we ended up going outside and playing football for a few minutes - taught Michael to do a dance when he caught the ball... yes, I know it is only for touchdown's but I think it is an important skill - you should see some of the moves that kid has - he 'moves like jagger'...

Ok - photos tonight - hugs to you! Hope your turkey sunday is going well - we head to Nazko for the day tomorrow - yawn - I mean, woohoo... nope I mean yawn.. ah but I'm treating myself to a 13km run tomorrow... yeah baby - that's right - I'm getting my parents to drop me off at the school and I'm running back to the house... a bit of a test for me... my barkerville rush relay leg (up and down mountains) was 12.2 and I did it in 2 hours - it was an embarrassing finish for time but I was pleased to finish because the hills were brutal.  I don't really know how long it will take me, but I'm going to go and have fun.


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