Friday, June 15, 2012

a break

And so I'm taking a break to blog for a few minutes.  This week has been brutal.  Slander, mental abuse, and more highlighted this week.  One week ago today I thought I was going to have a great little weekend but before the weekend could start I was put through the machine - and this week has been a challenge.

Gotta say I'm disappointed in my travel right now - Bali was a blow out, China (didn't really want to go - just because it was rushed) didn't go, and now Japan is out... supposed to go to Nunavut in the fall - that's out... blah...  I'm not super sad about most of the travel being a wash - Bali was disappointing more than anything and a waste of money - Nunavut would have been great but I can't afford to waste my time at a conference that has yet to produce an agenda.. ok and I wanted to see Japan but I'll go on my own sometime... then I don't have to meet politicians and I can just see the sights - go with family versus work...

Summer... well we are heading to Cannon Beach for sure - I can't wait to go - I'd like to go head there tomorrow but school isn't quite out for summer - that said, Michael is done - he's been done for a few weeks now - tired of school, wanting more family time, wanting more play time - these full days of kindergarten really wore on him - he cried this morning when I told him he had to go to school... blah... tough to watch him cry - especially when I'd like to remove him for class and just play all day.

Ok and on the super upside... David is an absolute work horse.  He has built a deck, pulled out dry wall, set posts for a new fence, built a new garden - he is an animal for working.  I can't believe how much gets accomplished every day... and he is staying here permanently now... no more commuting - just life here - it is very exciting.

Ok and now a client is heading in so I best get back to it - xo - xo
Many hugs and kisses :)

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