Friday, June 29, 2012

And because I absolutely keep forgetting to write this down

I've been meaning to write this down somewhere for the past 12 hours, and just never got to it last night and in fact, kept remembering and then forgetting.

Kyle received a silver academic award, which means he got all A's and B's on this report card - fantastic!  So we went outside to take a few photos.  I took one of Kyle by his favourite flowers, then David tried to take one of me but I was being cranky and didn't like that my flab was showing in it - then David and Michael went in the house and me and Kyle were sitting in the front garden trying one more picture of him.

He said he wanted a picture of me and him with the plaque (yes, he got a whole plaque to keep...) so we sat beside the garden. I tell him I'm so proud of him, that he worked really hard for this - we had a talk after the last report card and I said he really needed to focus on pulling off some great grades in the last semester and he says to me - Mom, this award is for you too because you worked just as hard to help me - well I didn't cry, but sitting here typing this right now gets me all teary eyed.  That kid has the best lines :)

So we took one photo of us with the plaque and I'll hopefully load that tonight.

Michael completed kindergarten and was a top star in his grade - his reading is great - he has read us green eggs and ham (the whole thing) a few times now and he just seems to be a machine for information - the teacher also noted that he was exceptional in his math skills.. hooray!  His little "grad" ceremony was great - his teacher was fantastic and it was just a good day.

David took the guys away for their first day off of summer - up to PG for adventures and fun... and yes - I'm at work - taking a break - writing to share with you... yes - I will take time off - absolutely - just not today.


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