Monday, June 11, 2012

blog free for a month

And so I'm back after a month hiatus.  Definitely been busy and occupied with a variety of things, but today I realized that I missed writing - even if there are no readers - I just like writing and it is a great way to keep information.

My work - well it has been a learning curve, from being called an asshole in a conversation more times that I could keep track of, to diffusing situations, to having major travel and back to having no travel, from heated conversations and endless conversations - it has been a hectic month.  I'd love to go into more details, but really it isn't worth it - I, largely, love my job and will just carry on.  Chin up! :)

Life - my real life - is fantastic - we are busy with yard work and cleaning, gardening, photographer, driving trips - we went to Prince Rupert, Smithers, Burns Lake, Prince George (a few times) and have done all kinds of sight seeing in and around Quesnel.  We've seen piles of animals - moose moms and calves, deer moms and fawns, bear moms and cubs - and a crazy fox - it has been amazing.  I've seen parts of the community I never had seen and get to spend great time with David and the kids.

I'll share photos later today (hopefully) but just wanted to say a quick hello to my friends and family - yes, I'm alive - yes, I'm busy - and yes - I will continue to blog...

xo - my loves :)

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