Tuesday, June 19, 2012

damned guts

Not really sure what took over our house on Sunday night but my guts did a bender for about 24 hours... I came into work yesterday morning but could hardly even think straight.  I went home at lunch and while today is better - it still feels like a chore to just sit.  I'm trying to stay hydrated and tried to not meet people today... sadly got booked for a meeting this afternoon - so I'm preparing to sit through that... otherwise just trying to work and feel ok.

David also got a case of whatever I had, but his was a little milder.  Thankfully - the boys didn't get it - we are both convinced it is some kind of food poisoning since our reaction was nearly the same... amen to having three bathrooms!

The weekend - well we planted our little garden - we are now growing zucchinis, tomatoes, strawberries, swiss chard, beets, beans, soy beans, and radishes.  It is turning into quite the yard and home space - it is so great to see so much progress in such a short period of time.

We also had two little birds fall out of the tree in our back yard - ended up having them picked up by animal rescue - we have lots of cats prowling the backyard and I knew they'd be dinner and a nice lady was willing to take care of them and give them the extra days they need to get their flying feathers in...

And - my trip to Japan - while it looks amazing - may have some hiccups in it - a typhoon hit central Japan yesterday and has impacted many flights - it seems that they missed the storm and flew to the next destination, but maybe issues flying back to Tokyo... have to wait and see what the storm does... hopefully it will pass and all will be fine... I'm surprised it didn't impact their flights yesterday but they made it to Hokkaido just fine.

And now back to work - need to work on this year's edition of the magazine.  xo

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