Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm sure most of you have heard by now that PG had a terrible bunch of fires last night. The plywood mill was burned to the ground followed by two more sites in the industrial park. On top of that a business in the downtown of PG went up this morning (unrelated). A friend of mine manages some properties in the region and got the following photos of the plywood mill fire. There are some regional photos on PGTV


Jen said...

Because there aren't enough issues already plaguing the forestry industry? Do they know the cause of it yet?

april said...
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april said...

Well I was listening to "the beat" and someone was saying it was a wild fire that came to close the building and that's how... sorry - but that isn't it - I'm not sure where they even heard that - I've heard that one of the dryers sparked and started the blaze - but that they thought they had it under control when (out of no where) it spread to both ends of the roof while a fire fighting crew was still up there. nasty nasty stuff... and a very sad day - it impacts much more than prince george