Friday, September 12, 2008

and so it begins

Today is September 11 and my skin has already started to fall apart. It happens every year but it is early this year... usually I start to get dry skin in late October - so what's the deal... what can I do? I know - apply skin lotion - but I feel like I'm doing it all day - ALL FLAMIN! DAY!!!! Anyone heard of eating a food that can help with your skins ability to retain moisture?... I know it sounds pretty sci-fi - let's go to the moon stuff - but really - there has got to be a better way to cope with this... right... there is also the - shut-up method - but really - would I have a blog if I wanted to hold all my complaints inside ... hell no!


Thomas said...

Oh, please don't even say it is starting.... I am dreading the start of dry skin season. I actually bought some new fangled thing called a ped egg to try and get my heels cleaned up so that between that and some moisturizer maybe they won't end up bleeding this winter. If you find some magic cure, please, please share!

Thomas said...

sorry, that was me using a code name.... LOL.