Friday, September 05, 2008


So I'm enjoying my workout on the treadmill tonight and flicking through channels and I come across the big cancer fundraiser happening in the states today (this week). I wasn't expecting much and was just catching the tail end of it - I caught the section where actors were telling the stories of cancer victims/survivors and everything is fine and dandy... I'm still walking and just listening and then forrest whitaker shares his story and I just start crying - it was the one with "time of death" - if you were watching it. It had a huge impact - the telling of stories - I watched the rest of the show - probably the last 15 minutes... I'm glad to see actors getting behind a good cause - hats off to them and everyone that donated to the cause. Stuff that like - seeing a guy donate $25M to cancer research - watching people rally together behind a cause is great. There are lots of diseases and illnesses that need support - but finding one cure will lead to other cures.

What else?

The first week of grade 1 is finished. woohoo! Kyle survived and now we are getting ready to enjoy the weekend.

Still having apple fest at our house and still on the hunt for the best uses for the surplus.

It is September 5 and I need to begin scrapbooking. That's more of a reminder to me because I come back to my blog often (in hopes of those beloved comments) and can use all the help I can get to remember to do stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi. My mother in law always freezes apples as she used to have a ton when we were back in BC. She would just peel, and slice, then bag and freeze. Then she could make pie or applesauce or apple crisp whenever she wanted. I suspect she tossed the in something like lemon juice to keep them from browning. I can ask her if you want. She also made lots of applesauce but that's pretty standard. What about apple muffins, baked apples or apple tart? I also remember seeing an apple pancakey-type thing as a breakfast entree somewhere in a recipe book.

I am with you on the scrapbooking. But I need to finish getting my scrapbooking cave (aka the closet I am converting into a scrapbooking space) finished and move into it so I can get going on some stuff.

M said...

You should make fruit leather! I remember loving that and trying to help mom make it. Its a good memory... and tastes GREAT!