Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well friends it's September and with that comes the first day of grade 1. CRAZY! Yesterday was a half day and today was the beginning of full days. Yesterday we got the jolly - hey one of the kids in class has lice - YUCK! - letter but nothing else. Which has left me surprised because his kindergarten teacher was really good about talking with us and sending home stuff every day - well nearly every day.

Michael did ok yesterday - being dropped off alone again, but today he was a cling on and mumbled about Kyle. It was the worst. It made me sad... but within a few minutes of talking and seeing other kids at daycare he was ok - off and playing - pretending to be a tiger. me... well I was still sad - I don't brush stuff off as quickly...

My trip to Ellensburg was great. A good learning opportunity and a chance to meet other economic development people. I've got a few new pictures below from the past couple of weeks since I've been slacking on here - but with slacking on here meant I got a lot of other stuff done at home... like picking up apples (hundreds of pounds again) and making cookies, and apple crisp and playing and working out and just living it up :) Plus work - but hey - you can only have soo many good things in life... that's a tease though because my work is great right now... I'm getting stuff finished and I should have some great announcements later this week on work I've been part of all year - hooray.

Can you find the space needle?

Democratic headquarters - I just wanted an Obama sign picture... if you look closely you'll see my taking the picture in the window...

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Jen said...

My sister's kids recently had lice. It just seems like too much work for me. My dad says that every time we came home with one of those letters that they thoroughly cleaned everything in the house in case we brought home eggs. I think I've been paranoid of them since I first found out they existed when I was in grade 1.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and that things are going well. It's always nice to hear that things are good in someone's world! :)

Jade's been fine dropping Quentin off and going to daycare without him, but you can definitely tell that she's missed him when I pick her up.