Tuesday, September 23, 2008

damned costco

On the weekend we went to Costco - likely one of our last visits since I'm not renewing our membership - and did the "aisle" thing and picked up a few items - nothing special and nothing that I couldn't have gotten somewhere else. There was also a nice display of strawberries and since they were less than $4.00 for a big container of them I thought sure - let's get some.

First problem - they stank up our car, leading me to believe that they are spraying the boxes or berries themselves with something that is supposed to smell like strawberries but actually smells quite vile. Seriously it smelled like a strawberry fart - I'll let you think about that - but really - it was that bad.

Second problem - this morning I took them to the sink to be washed - they looked all pretty, sitting in their container - all placed so delicately in the box - so uniformly - and then it happens - I pick one up and my thumb goes right through it - ok - so one strawberry - that's ok - pick up another - same thing - same thing - same thing - same thing.... ARG! So the outside looks great - in fact if I was super gentle I could have probably put them all back in the box and they'd still look fantastic - but the meat of the berry was destroyed - so what are they spraying them with to make the outside look good and the inside rot...

Can I take them back and complain? Not unless I want to spend another $50 in fuel to drive to PG. Arg - again!

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