Thursday, September 04, 2008

apples, apples, we've got apples

Alright - what can I do with a tonne of apples... ok - not quite a tonne but I'm sure we've got more than 200 lbs once the tree is cleaned off. I've made apple crisp - which really - who can get enough of that... but what else? I'm looking for simple things - and something that will freeze - or something that you've had success with... yes - I will do my homework and use the internet to find this information but if you have a quick fix or something that you like to do with apples then let me know.

Oh and I found the Space Needle... I gotta say - I really expected it to stick out of the landscape when we flew over... in the post from yesterday look at the square roof in the middle of the photo and look left - you'll see a circle - and that's it.

This was taken from the Seattle aquarium - which I didn't know existed until we walked by the sign. I guess they don't need tourists. We went shopping at a cool Seattle stuff store near the aquarium and then walked back to the market - AWESOME!

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