Sunday, September 07, 2008

the horse race

In just (just... ha) 37 days we (Canadians) will elect a new prime minister. Me, queen-o-political stuff, likes to follow all the stuff going on - although seeing some of the ads is already getting old. (It will be my first time voting... that one... good grief) I asked my husband who would he be voting for - like he cares - and he said - who ever looks best in a dress... so I give you a little political fun in the race to be the leader of our great country.

Mr Dion sporting a beautiful cocktail dress. Ready to party it up with Canadians - showing off his fun side and his green side.

Mr Layton is ready to pull out all the stops in this number. He is here to make a change and setting trends for the future.

Mr Harper - conservative through and through - why change from what works - not a show stopper but wanting you to take a second look.

You be the judge, who looks the best? Who will be our next prime minister?

This is not a paid advertisement, this is not to show support for any of the candidates or parties - I'm still trying to figure out who is best. I'll tell you this much I'm tired of hearing "picking the best of the worst" - politicians deserve credit for the time they put out to run things. If they don't do a good job its probably because we aren't being loud enough about the direction we want things to go in. Last time I checked they also didn't get training in mind reading and so are unable to connect with your fabulous ideas on truly making long lasting changes that will make our lives better - vote - guide our nation in the right/left/center direction!

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Carmen said...

Holy crap... this is hilarious... is this really your first time voting???

april said...

No... not my first time voting - there is a terrible commercial with an 18-20 year old who says "this will be my first time voting, and I'll be voting for..." blah blah blah - terrible!

Is Calgary not getting the same terrible commercials? Maybe they aren't spending as much there since they assume Harper will get all the votes in Alberta.