Monday, January 10, 2011

cheese, I hate thee

I thought - I can have pizza... sure it is topped with lovely dairy, but I haven't tried in a while.. so why not... wrong-o - soooo freakin' wrong-o - my guts are killing me and I feel like my heartburn is going to explode out of me 'alien' style!  roar - why can't we be friends - why can't we be friends... 

Help... my readers with kids - Michael is having nightmares - it seems like every night - it is awful... he doesn't say what the dreams are about and I told him a few nights ago that I snuck into his room and stole his nightmares and that I threw them outside... they then froze and can't come back.  I don't know what else to do now.  Tonight he cried and cried because he says he misses me - I don't know where this came from.  It is almost like we got some great time together over the holidays and now we hardly see each other - it sucks... sucks!  Funnier still is that Andy had a nightmare last night and grab me in his sleep - scaring the crap out of me - ah.. but I'm use to his scary antics.

Good times!

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Jen said...

Jade crawls in almost every night because of "nightmares." She can't sleep at night because she's lonely. The kids sleep in the same room (bunk beds) because neither one wanted to be alone at night. I'm not terribly concerned because I don't like to sleep alone either. It is lonely.

Stuffed animals help some children. I know they helped me when I was younger.

Tyler used a dream catcher as a child and has tried it with out kids. Prayer worked better for Jade for being scared than the dream catcher did, because she believes in that more than a random item, but she still crawls in because she likes sleeping with me.

Quentin got really clingy with me when he was feeling lonely and having problems at school. Check into that.

Don't know what else to say. It's tough being a parent and not knowing all the answers. :(