Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much.  Too busy and nothing really exciting to share.
I watched an interesting workshop session tonight - I don't normally watch those online, but I've participated in two recently and really enjoyed them.  It was on being human and being connected.  What she ended up talking about was how vulnerability is the core of ourselves in both joy and happiness and also on the negative side of things for ourselves as well.

At the end of her presentation she made a few comments that I wanted to pass on.

1. Let yourself be seen for who you are - be authentic
2. Love with your whole heart even though there are no guarantees
3. Practice gratitude and joy - the power of thank you
4. Remind yourself that you are enough - as you are right now - you are beautiful, amazing, funny, you are what you need to be - do not be misguided by ideas of perfection.

And now - for a hot bath and some magazine reading... love to you!


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