Monday, January 24, 2011

Steeped on Reid

So super lucky me - I won a bag of tea from the new tea store in Quesnel.  And since I want to share the great experience of trying new tea I took some photos...

A shot of the tea that I won - Pecan Pastry - that's right - no fat pastries - hooray! 
The fuzzy building in the background is actually where 
Steeped is located in the heart of Downtown Quesnel. 

Here is our fancy office teapot and all the great tea parts are going into our
little strainer... green tea, dried papaya and orange petals - oh, and pecans... yummy

All the happy tea parts hanging out - awaiting water

Note to self - line up hot tea kettle with teapot before trying to take photos....

I like honey in my tea and the great flavour - of, you guessed it, Quesnel honey, made 
a great match with the Pecan Pastry tea

And here you go - a finished cup - after steeping for five minutes - very nice!

Join the Steeped lovers on facebook and you too could win a bag of tea... 

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