Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last night Kyle asked to "spend the night" in Michael's room.  And so he did.

Tonight he asks to sleep in there again... and then 10 minutes ago I find out why.  He is being a detective.  He is trying to figure out why Michael is having nightmares.

"Mom" quietly


"I figured it out."

Ok, figured out what?

"Well Michael is having nightmares and it is because of the sounds in his room."

blink, blink

"There are sounds in his vent - I can hear them because I'm sleeping beside it and every time there is a loud vent sound he moves in his sleep."

um... well when the heat comes on the vent makes sounds

"ok, but it is why Michael is having nightmares"

ok... well thanks for the (pause)


yes, thanks for the advise...

good times
good times

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