Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It is windy in good ole Q-town tonight - so things are rumbling around outside, it is loud and then what I thought was the wind turned out to be something good... you see - my terrible neighbors are moving out.  They were throwing their stuff outside and loading.  I'm sooo glad to see them go!

Not really sure who's bright idea it is to move in the wind, at 9pm - but I don't really care.  Tonight they've been parking in front of our house and about 30 minutes ago the boyfriend/whatever is sitting in his truck, but it is dark and I can't see him - just notice the car - so then I walk into the kitchen and he has a flash light and he starts flashing it at our house - ROAR!!!! Good riddance!  Be gone you stupid M-F'er!!!!!!! Wasn't like it was the one time - it was over and over for five minutes!!!! RRROOOAARRRR!

Anyways - I'm assuming that since Friday is the start of a new month (30 days of April... hooray) they'll be packing and moving for the next two days and then we wait for the next nonsense to move in... of course - this time will be different... there is no way that I'm putting up with the nonsense that has happened with this family - no way!!!

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Jen said...

YAY!!!!! Go away horrible neighbours!