Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's Tuesday night and thought I should do something special and bake some treats... I picked up BC Hydro's fun recipe cards - each recipe is submitted by a BC celebrity - there is even a Ryan Kesler recipe for Chicken Pot Pie ... this recipe cards highlight powersmart facts and what appears to be a good recipe... that's right - appears.  So what happened...

 This lovely recipe for some yummy chocolate, super banana-y, muffins and the recipe - as you can see - clearly says 7-9 extra large muffins - and now that I've made the recipe and it is smelling up the whole house - well apparently extra large meant more like mini muffin loafs - the recipe is giant!  So while I thought I was getting into an hour of baking... it appears that I'll be up for hours...

Other complaints.. while I'm complaining - the recipe calls for peanut butter - one tablespoon - but what it should say is one tablespoon per muffin and it suggests to simply put the peanut butter on the top of the muffin... except that the muffin is going to rise and when the peanut butter melts it is going to run all over hells have acre and make a mess - so this dawned on me but I also had some kind of hope that maybe the recipe was right and that it wouldn't make a mess - so I did one dozen (yes - a dozen) with peanut butter and one without - and of course... of course it is making a freakin' mess - darn it!  So I'm going to make the remaining dozens - that's right - I'll easily get 4 dozen muffins - I'm going to forgo the peanut butter.

sigh - did manage to use up all my browning bananas - so there is the silver lining..

update: 12:29am, can't believe I'm still up - soooo wanted to be sleeping by now... the peanut butter was a disaster - do not follow that part of the recipe - it basically burned to the top of the muffin and while it may end up tasting ok, it just didn't work... stupid, stupid, stupid!

12:31am - sneezing with new guard is awful - a new, different kind of pain

12:32am - sleep walker is lurking - i can hear him getting ready to make an appearance and probably tell me something like the jellyroll called me and said it was half past lunchfast

12:33am - watching cnn and listening to them talk about libya and the potential that the real reason is about oil - that there is some concern for people, but it is more about oil... makes me wonder about alberta...  dear muffins, cook faster so I don't have to think about oil prices, peak oil, usa interests and on and on and on

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Jen said...

Let's see if I'll be allowed to post a comment today...wasn't the last time I tried.

I'm curious about the other ingredients on that recipe card. The instructions mentioned flours. I'm wondering about the 3/4 vanilla yogurt...

Did the muffins taste okay in the end? I make muffins weekly for the kids' daycare, and am always willing to try a new recipe out. And that sounds about the right time of night that I remember to do them as well. :)