Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a new guard

And so today I went back to get my new guard for my terrible jaw.  It is not pretty and it is totally different than the last one they gave me.  It has metal pieces and it pinches and my 's' and 'c' sounds are shot.  So it is a few weeks at this stage and then onto the next stage ... whatever that is... sigh... it is definitely the end of hard food for a while trying to eat is painful - at best - let alone trying to eat something that needs a lot of chewing.  Having a guard is also causing my lips to dry out and they ache.

It is spring break here and so the guys get to be together at daycare and today they got a day at home which is nice - I know they love the chance to play together and have fun.  Kyle has also been teaching Michael how to play Star Wars on the PS3 and they are pretty into that.  Michael has asked to change his name to Jet, Kyle whined about him changing his name and so I asked what he wanted his changed to and he agreed that his name was fine - ha.  And now we are going to run out for some baking supplies and then we are going to play RISK... or something like it - Kyle is also really into chess (chest) right now - so I'm trying to learn that game all over again.  I was never good at Chess and I just have flashes of losing as a kid every time we set up to play.  Oh well - and now back to playing.

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