Monday, March 28, 2011

hair cut

Tonight Max destroyed things twice.  First time, he jumped and grabbed a bag of bread, tore into it and dragged out some bread to half eat on our couch - awesome.  (When I say -jumped up- he jumped up to the height of our dinner table - counter height - and drug the bread bag off the counter top and onto the floor) Then tonight we went to go and get Andy dinner and were gone a total of 20 minutes and come home to chocolate wrappers all over the house.  He had grabbed one of my work bags and dug into the chocolate bag - this, again, was put away, up high - and so he is covered in chocolate gunk and so... he got a hair cut - a big hair cut - tonight I figured out that I can give him a shorter cut and he can still have a cute-ish face - so that may be the end of the longer body hair look for Max the House Wrecker!

Kyle is sick with a cold.
Michael continues to like being called Jet.

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