Sunday, March 13, 2011


  1. 45 minute snowball fight - check
  2. Laundry 
  3. Lunch - gooey grill cheese and soup that no one liked
  4. Grocery shopping with visit from Kyle's friend who gave him trouble for not pulling his tooth out (he has a front top tooth that is hanging by a thread - literally - it nearly came out last night, but then stopped... his other tooth is nearly out behind the baby one)
  5. Grabbed a treat for being sooo good
  6. Watched a cartoon and now....
Off to clean a bedroom, do some more laundry and then go to Andy's last game of the season...
we will also continue to miss my sister and her beautiful baby... my evenings are not the same without baby snuggling... :(

Jen - heat helped me with ear/jaw pain - one of those bean packs you put in the microwave can be very helpful as it provides heat for a while - that plus advil... hope you get better soon

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