Sunday, May 15, 2011

a cold

Yesterday I started getting sick - hurts to swallow, then came on ear and jaw pain and tonight I'm full on into sinus issues - my race is in 7 days - today was supposed to be my big prep run and there was no way - I'm completely bagged.  I've been trying to convince myself that I can go tomorrow (sunday) but I'm so tired and sick that I can't seem to even kind of get it in my head.  My eyes hurt, body aches, coughs, sneezing, a little bit of nausea - sheesh... train wreck...

And there you go - some classic complaining from me

On the good - I drug myself and the boys to the Nazko Annual Dinner and Auction - the boys and my parents put all their raffle tickets into two things and won them both - the first thing was a group of fishing rods (4) and a tackle box and then Michael made it clear that he wanted a motorbike helmet - a giant one - and he totally won it - it is very cool - too big for him, but super cool - apparently we can take it in for a smaller one.  I also got an outdoor fireplace for half price and a laminator... my parents picked up a pass to barkerville and two dragon flies that are handmade by the blacksmith in barkerville...

So the dinner and auction ended at 9:50pm and then we drove home - about 35 minutes out of town there was minimal visibility as the fog had rolled in - thick, terrible fog - did I mention I'm sick and now.. tired... so it was a long night - to say the least - plus trying to watch for animals who like to stand along the edge of the highway at night - I saw 4 deer and a bunny - and who knows how many more I didn't see... and now... why am I still up - well I just don't feel good and sleep isn't coming as quickly as I thought it would - I feel like I could blow my nose for a 100 years, but it is only the feeling - as absolutely nothing is coming out now - damned sinus!

Alright - good night my lovelies - hope you are all 100% better than me! xxoo

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