Sunday, May 08, 2011

happy mother's day

First - Happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating...

And a story...

I'm sleeping... trying to sleep - haven't been sleeping well lately and last night I didn't get to bed until after 2am (SNL was on and funny and then I just couldn't sleep)

6:57am I roll over and look at my alarm and then a commercial comes to mind - you know the one where they are performing brain surgery on a woman and she says "I can smell burnt toast, doctor" - this is how they tell if you are going to have an epileptic seizure - so I can smell burnt toast at this time in the morning and before panic sets in I hear this... mom.. mom - happy mother's day - and there is kyle standing beside the bed rushing back with some yogurt - awesome - first time I've had breakfast delivered to bed - well except for when I was in the hospital - but that doesn't really count.

And so now I'm going to bed to try and get a few winks

(What else... ok - well since I'm here... I've got hives right where my t-shirt was exposed to the elements today - I got them yesterday too - same spot - it is itchy - it sucks - I took a claritin because I don't have benedryl - hoping that they'll go away over night... sigh)

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