Saturday, May 21, 2011

freakin' max

Tonight we went on a Cariboo Safari - we saw more than 10 bears, 2 moose, rabbits, crows, a coyote and a  cat and possibly a bob cat.. didn't get a clear view of it.  We were gone for a few hours - three total.

We get home and find Max has ripped apart Kyle's backpack.  Today Kyle got a large chocolate rabbit for each case of chocolates he sold for his school - he got four... Max decided he wanted one and ate an entire box - awesome.  So the ultra intelligent dog didn't really do much and then I put the guys to bed and come out to work on a project and there it is.. or there is the beginning of it - he has thrown up all over the couch, then all over the floor, then another part of floor, and downstairs and on and on and on... I've given him a spot in the basement to continue this activity - he isn't dying... he has stopped with the throw up and is now pissed at me for not letting him back upstairs - but honestly, cleaning up his throw up made me gaggy and I just can't keep doing it - especially off my furniture!  ROAR!

So there you go... another fun night at our house... 

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