Sunday, May 01, 2011


I'm sure you've heard about this already but here is story from the Globe and Mail on the Osama Bin Liden

It is quite amazing to watch the people celebrating in the street.  CNN is continuing to note that they have increased security at federal buildings.   (Enhanced potential...)

This should shut Trump up and secure Obama with a second term of office - if he wants it.

I wonder if they will make May 1 a national holiday.

(And yes, we made it home from a week away - my conference was - well it was a conference - wish I'd had more time to do stuff with family but I'm sure there will be time on our next trip)


M said...

Did you know that Hilter was also killed on May 1, 1954 (I think the year is right). Kind of ironic I think one super evil and one made out to be super evil but not as bad and the H man. There is no hoilday for killing him. Food for thought :)

love you

april said...