Monday, May 02, 2011


The political junky in me came out to play tonight.  I didn't really get to watch the play by play as I needed to fit in a good run tonight - so I've been catching up online.  I did watch, with a laugh, the faces of the announcers and when they could see that both the Bloc and Liberals had sunk - they could hardly contain themselves as they watched not one, but two leaders lose.

I am surprised that there is a majority government.
I am not at all surprised by the gains of the NDP.
I continue to be less than impressed at voter turn.

I took Kyle and Michael to vote with me tonight.  Kyle wanted to mark my ballot for me, but I was worried  that even if I directed him to make the X I might get in trouble for letting him... in any case, he was pretty interested in the process and the why's - it is a great learning and experience and something my parents neither taught, nor encouraged.  We had very brief political discussions and voting was treated like a taboo topic - I was not supposed to ask how someone voted, I was given no insights as to how or why my parents voted.   (Carmen - would I have been kicked out of the country for letting Kyle mark my ballot?)

I hope that all my readers enacted their right to vote and that they participated in an activity that ensures that we have the freedoms and lives that we have in our country.


Jen said...

Nobody is allowed to mark your ballot but you - it is illegal. However, I have never seen a polling station where anyone is watching that closely. I think the one time people were enraptured with how cute my kids were, I told them that they'd get to when they were the right age and that they had to make sure they knew who they were voting for and why.

Glad you're teaching your kids it's important too!

I had so much to do last night, but I was having a tonne of fun watching the election. It was the best election in forever. :)

Carmen said...

What Jen said - technically you have to mark your own ballot unless you are unable to do so, and then the person that marks the ballot would have to take an oath that would allow them to mark it on your behalf (you still need to be there though).

That said, I am totally in favor of bringing your kids to vote, and had no issues at all with allowing people take their kids behind the screen with them. If Kyle had marked it, nobody would have actually known, unless he came running out and said so.

So, in short, we would have let you stay, and I would have commended you for teaching your kids the importance of exercising their rights when the time comes!