Friday, November 07, 2008

friday night

Love Actually (definitely a favorite movie) is playing... I'm getting ready to make a loaf of banana bread and I'm then going to watch the movie while I scrapbook and enjoy a cooler... ah - now this is a good Friday night...

love actually is all around... damn I love this movie!

I feel it my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Christmas is all around me
And so the feeling grows

It's written in the wind
It's everywhere I go
So if you really love Christmas
Come on and let it snow, come on and let it snow

Solid gold shit :)

10:12... update

Ready to go....

If you want more
You want more, more, more

Jump for my love
Jump in and feel my touch

Update 11:46pm

Now off to deal with coughing kids... looks like it will be a long night :)


Carmen said...

Totally solid gold... thanks to you I now have to watch the movie to get that damn song out of my head!

Good luck with the scrapbooking!

april said...

Hooray for all of us weiners at home on a Friday night :)

10:03 and the banana bread is in the oven - time for the creative juices to start following and cooler to be opened. See I said cooler - ten years and I've learned my limitations... plus it is no fun to be drunk alone...

Jen said...

I totally love that movie. I can't see that guy in any other movie without thinking of him singing that song.

oooo, fun word verification today - halowby