Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Right - so I didn't download my camera - so no photos tonight - I spent some time taking the challenge on the biggest loser - 1,000 steps - which when I started I was thinking - this can't be that bad - I thought of all the step classes I've been to and you must put in hundreds, if not a thousand during one of those sessions... well I'm not as sure tonight.

I completed 1,000 steps in about 35 minutes and as far as I can remember the fastest time on biggest loser was something about 40 minutes... but I can't find a note on how long it took anyone and I can't watch hulu or any other places online that would let me watch the episode or piece of the episode - in any case I just wondered if I could get through and how quickly and it broke up the treadmill schedule - it definitely winded me and had my heart rate a pumping but really wasn't long enough for a great workout - oh well - at least I put some time in tonight.

ok - off to bed.

Note to self - 1,000 steps sounded and felt great last night - not so great when you have a calf spasm while shopping and continued pulling pain for remainder of day... brain still thinks it was an ok idea... calf is working on telling brain that it wasn't super smart, ass appears to be getting in the way of message...

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