Wednesday, November 19, 2008

where did i go?

Alright - so I've been too busy to write anything exciting and unable to make a comment on the recent political events in our region because someone is always watching... :) In any case I'm looking forward to the year ahead and I'll leave my political stuff there...

What else? Well tomorrow is the festival of trees here in town and because I'm insane I decided I'd help with two trees. I've designed both but I'll only be decorating on one team... a team of one likely - but still a team... I'm swamped with other work both the full time variety and the part time but not feeling sunk... yet. I'm excited about the holiday season and am looking forward to having my sister home and my brother home for a few days. I'm hoping we might actually get a nice family picture together.

I've got a few scrapbook pages finished and I'm working on more and slowly but surely catching up.

Alright - I'm off to finish cooking dinner and with any luck I'll be back here later tonight with photos...

What's for dinner... glad you asked - tonight I'm re-heating some leftovers from my board meeting last night and then I've added a chicken, potato and carrot dish. Take two chicken breasts and cut into small pieces - small enough that you can eat two pieces at a time, then cut up two potatoes into small pieces (smaller than chicken) and the same with one or two carrots. Cook chicken in a little oil and water. Add the potatoes and carrots once chicken is cooked. Add soy sauce and some water to create a sauce in the pot. Cook until potatoes and carrots are... well... cooked. Then serve with rice or just eat with leftovers from board meetings :)

Note - do not blog too long as can result in food sticking to bottom of pan..

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