Sunday, November 30, 2008

santa 2008

On Saturday we went to the annual school district Christmas party and for a change - we were actually on time - usually my mom shows up late and we walk in after the gifts are being handed out... which means that we have to wait until the end and them going back over those who were missed. I did some complaining last year and now this year - we were in the top 20 people there - which meant we were one of the top 20 called up.

It was fun and low stress and usually I'm bitchy and whining during and after the event. This time - pretty good - everyone had a good time - everyone had fun - it was the first holiday miracle :)

After the event we went for lunch - or rather the boys did with my parents while I sat there and played cop to them eating and misbehaving... plus I don't eat fast food and so going to A&W and being offered fries and stuff made me a little - RRRRRR - so I just wanted to get home.

Highlight: Kyle noted the following as Santa made his big entrance - "Look, Santa's grandma came with him." (aka Mrs Claus)

The boys with my mom

The boys visiting Santa - that's as close as Michael came to Santa...

Some photography fun for me after Santa - I managed to get within about 10 feet of this fawn - I got a few other shots of the fawn with the mom and a few other deer - it was awesome!

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