Sunday, November 07, 2010

dairy pushers...

Ok - so my second craft attempt is making me squirrelly so I've opted for some web surfing and then some tub time... and then maybe I'll go back to it and try and fix it... rrrrr..

I've got food network on in the background and there it is again.. the dairy people pushing cheese - all you need is cheese... ah, but in this commercial all there is cheese - there looks to be vegetables and meat in the cheese... but it isn't the focus - how terrible that we need to train our children and families to eat food by saturating it with something else - don't taste your vegetables or anything else - dip it in cheese first - that will make it better.

If you can't eat a vegetable without cheese or a sauce - maybe you shouldn't eat that vegetable and you should find some other vegetable that you love... there are lots...

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M said...

I love chesse but I hate that commercial as well I think its stupid that we try to sell healthy diet but yet push fatty stuff to put over all the healthy food.

lame :)
love you