Tuesday, November 02, 2010

baby names

In an effort to aid my sister (days to go on the arrival our new family member) Kyle and Michael decided they wanted to help and suggest some names...


April the 2nd (ok that was from me)
Lady J



We all always really like Yoda - but understand the complications of naming him that... it could be a wicked middle name though :)

Love you!

And now.. I'd love to hear others suggestions... I'm sure my sister won't mind hearing a few more name suggestions...


: said...
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april said...

wow a spam link that fast... never had one so quick before... don't both clicking through...

M said...

You are funny! I love you for the effort I love you all but I don't think any of those will make the cut. Sorry :P

Lady J what is that all about lol to funny.

Love you

april said...

Well the guys just started shouting out names.. and so Lady J was one of the suggestions... pretty funny :)

Glad you enjoyed... gotta say I'm still rooting for April the 2nd - April May is awesome :)

AngelGod said...

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april said...

wow - spammed twice in one night - un-freakin'-believable... too funny... so I guess I should avoid writing baby names in my blog if I want to avoid being spammed... :)

Jen said...

Spam, spam, eggs, bacon and spam!

Fun names. I was called Lady Yoda for awhile. Lady Yoda May would be okay... :)

M said...

Lord lol we will see once the little person gets out into the world. You never know who they are until you see them.

Anonymous said...

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april said...

ha - three spammers - AWESOME

april said...

ha - three spammers - AWESOME