Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok - I'm going to complain... here it comes...

First, stupid summer time drivers who aren't paying attention - PAY ATTENTION - today while I had a beautiful pregnant lady in my passenger side seat you nearly and I mean really really nearly hit the passenger - I can't even believe how close it was.  LOOK before you start backing up into traffic.

Second, I think it is time to put the ban on smoking in cars.  This has nothing to do with health considerations - NOTHING - this is about paying attention to the road.  If you can't have a hand on your cell phone and talk how can you light a smoke, and smoke, and butt out while you drive - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE! I don't see one.  Oh wait - I do... you can't get taxes from a cell phone - the government can't tax the crap out of the use of cell phones, but cigarettes - hell's yes - tax the ever-loving crap out of it.  And that is where safety trumps the bottom line - and our public safety loses next to something that is killing the people that use it and the people stand in the way of the people that use it - bull shit, all the way around.

End vent!

Wait - if you flick one more of the GD'n death sticks at my freakin' car I'm going to hit your car because - seriously - what the hell is wrong with you! STUPID!


Ripan Das said...

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april said...

LMAO - I got spidered by a freakin' alcohol rehab centre - who knew... awesome - asses!

Maybe that's what I need - is a drug rehab vacation... sheesh!