Tuesday, June 21, 2011

nose bleeds, life and summer vacation

At this point I wish I had booked significantly more time off at the start of summer.  I need a vacation.  That said - the boys are heading on vacation.  I'm taking them to Vancouver next Thursday and then we are hitting the Canada Day events in Richmond and then I'm driving home on Saturday.  The boys are staying with Ni ni and Ye ye and living it up for a few days.  Then Andy and I are heading to Van the following Thursday to pick them up and spend a day in Vancouver and head home.  I think we'll probably take some more time off in August and go out again... we'll see - if (when) the house sells then I'll feel a lot better about travelling.  (Please send your positive energy towards this cause - I need that house to sell - need it - need it!)

Nose bleeds - I had a whopper tonight - I'm tired lately - and just not feeling great - lost my get up and go... seems like I've just been off since the "race" in May... I went for a bike ride this weekend - did 10 km - and couldn't believe how bad is screwed up my knee - three days of it being swollen - awful!

And now I'm going to call it an early night for me and try to get some extra sleep... xxoo - love to you!

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