Friday, June 17, 2011

a rant

Ok - since our province - if not our nation - has seen the power of social media and that it is very apparent that people shouldn't do bad things I would like to ask a question - why can't this translate to the every day?

Why am I pissed?

Well tonight two little shits walked by our driveway and lit all the cottonwood fluff on fire - I ripped my deck door open and yelled at them - and then chased after them down the street - trying to get their photo to report to the police.

One girl - white skirt - 16-18 years old 5'6 - black top, male - same age, height - white shirt, black shorts with red stripe!  I didn't get a clear photo of them - and proceeded to call the non-emergency hotline and got freakin' voice mail and that I could leave a freakin' message - WHAT!  I'm not going to call 911 over this kind of shit - but what it says to me - is there is a large group of the population that just doesn't give a shit about anything and it doesn't matter that they were seen at the riot because they'd do it again because in one of their friends eyes they are a "hero".  It is ridiculous!

Let's start a movement to stop this ridiculous behavior!  What can we do?  I'm tired of my lawn getting set on fire - one day it will catch and run right to the house or my car and cause all kinds of damage - two years ago it nearly lit a field on fire - it was awful!  Poor behavior in general needs to be stopped!  If I see them pass by the house again - and I know they will - they walk by all the time - I'm going to take their photo with my big lens - then I'm going to post it online - is that the only way to stop people - if it even does stop people...



Ok - on top of that my sinus is completely plugged from all the stupid cotton fluff and I'm just not feeling great! BLAH


Ok - I'll go away for a while - looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

What do you think of me posting photos on facebook of all the drug dealers that frequent the back house - that traffic is doubling - it is TERRIBLE too!  TIRED, MAD, ROAR!

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