Wednesday, June 29, 2011

crack-o-lacking rant!

Today was the last day of school. I wish that I was having a summer vacation for two months - this much I know.  Rather than being excited about the weeks ahead I'm now looking at a report card that I just have to rant about.

First - I appreciate that all teachers are SOOOOO not the same and that we are dealing with a special situation - I actually watched other teachers give our teacher shit during assembly today because she couldn't be bothered to give out awards in every category... frustrating and sad!

In any case - here I go...

What is the point of a report card if it is received on the last day of school?  When there are comments about things that are issues doesn't that warrant a phone call home, or a note home, or a freakin' text?

I'll preface this by saying that I've had a complete and total shit day and this has just been stacked right on the steaming top of it all... so I'm mad and a freakin' anxious wreck!  But seriously... if something needs work - then let's work together - let's be a team in education - I'm not an asshole (to everyone) - I am understanding (mostly) and I want the best for my kids - the absolutely best - but when I can blatantly see that there was definitely a class favorite and that 12 other students got nothing - I just have to shake my head and write these kinds of rants because talking to this teacher has done nothing.  We specifically said we were open to talking and hoped to hear more about education and opportunities for us to engage - we want to be part of this and we get NOTHING!  Has the education system changed that much in 20 years that my education and the time and love given by my teachers and principals is gone?

And now I'm going to finish cooking dinner, drink some wine and cry.  I've wanted to breakdown all day and it is now time to get on with the falling apart.


ps. I heart good smart fun teachers - where are they all hiding? Please let our grade four teacher be that... please

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