Monday, June 13, 2011


Tonight on my walk with Max I had to gear up with my cute rain coat from Old Navy - I love it - but hardly wear it - it is pouring outside though - so I (at 10:45pm) head outside for our walk with an umbrella - I know - it really really was raining and I get to our first spot for wandering by Max and up comes a car - now are street is a dead end and no one usually goes past our house - certainly not at 10:45 at night - and it is the cops - he slowly comes up to me - like I was going to join on the hood or something and says...

"are you walking your dog?"

um... actually this is my pet bear, I know, he looks really small - but really he is a bear - he is also a trash compactor and a destroyer of valuables....

I kind of laugh and say - yes - and off he goes.

Turns out the new quiet neighbours aren't really that quiet - two nights ago they had a battle royale in the back of the house which I heard parts of while I gardened - and now - two cop cars are in their drive way... wicked!

The action never ends around here.

loves... I totally love the "extreme makeover weight loss edition"  - FANTASTIC - I can watch a whole season of biggest loser in one night - and feel some kind of positive motivation at the end of it for healthier living - great job, ABC. :)

And now off to bed... LOVE falling asleep to the sound of rain! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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