Saturday, June 11, 2011

what's going on

I know - I haven't written in the month of June - terrible!

Well I've been swamped and attended a conference and on and on...  long days.

The boys are well - getting taller by the day, it seems.
Our summer Saturdays are back to what they usually are - this means that we hit a bunch of garage sales we see what kind of stuff we can find - we are having our own garage sale in two weekends - woohoo!  Today we found some great storage units, which we needed for the basement and a GT snow racer for this winter. Then we have lunch out and then play and have fun in the afternoon.

Our house is going up with a realtor on Monday - hooray - so we are doing a yard clean up tomorrow morning (bought some hanging baskets and plants to freshen up the yard) and then heading out to my parents for dinner.  I got the "we'll be there on Friday night" and never show up - I'm smart enough (now) to realize that this means they won't show up and not to build plans around them...

Vent - when you work at a restaurant and you serve food/make food - wash your hands! While it is fine for you to "wash" (run them under water quickly) between different orders or different exchanges in your job - it is not ok that your hands look like you've been working in the garden in the morning, started to work on the truck and then remembered that you needed to be at work and just up and went to work - throwing on your clothes and then preparing food... yuck!

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Jen said...


I loved my GT Racer. Didn't work very well in the Lower Mainland though.