Monday, July 18, 2011

baby makena

So here are the boys with Makena and Aunti Paula!

Update on Michael - he is better tonight and asked to go biking - we decided to take one more day off of cycling so he doesn't tear his knee open again - but it looks better and is just bruising and he is busy being himself and not favoring it... soo hooray for that!

I went to see my doctor about my shoulder today and he kind of laughed at me because my shoulder is in such a state - he offered a shot to take away the pain that he immediately knew I wasn't going to take it... but then I laughed that I'd be back later in the week probably begging for it - I hope that isn't the case... but we'll see.  He says I've got bicep tendinitis and that my trapeze is in rough shape.  Bicep is a take it is easy solution and no heavy lifting - lowering my weight for weight training to no more than 5 lbs and just take it easy and then massage for my 'trap' - which I have again tomorrow. But man - massage kicks the shit out of me.  I couldn't believe how sore I was from massage... but it did help, two days later... it was packing Michael home that set me up for more pain today.

xxoo :)
love ya!

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Carmen said...

Awww... baby Makena is sooo small! And Kyle looks so cheesy beside her! Yay Paula!!