Saturday, July 09, 2011


This has been a busy trip to Vancouver... yesterday we went to the beach and the aquarium and wouldn't you know it - Vancouver was celebrating the 125th anniversary in Stanley Park - this actually made the aquarium slower than usually, especially for summer time and we got to see multiple shows and see lots of fish and creatures.  The aquarium (for those who haven't been recently) has a 4D feature now - so part of your admission includes a movie where things jump out at you and they spray you, and they poke you... Michael decided he'd rather get a drink and see some fish so we went and did that and then Andy and Kyle watched the show.  Kyle didn't really like it - too much for him - too scary - so maybe it is for older kids...

The beach was pretty good, until my stomach started acting up.  We went as far South as you can go in Delta - on the beach, near Point Roberts.

Today we went to some Richmond garage sales - Michael found some plastic nunchucks and Kyle found some books from the Magic Tree House series that he absolutely loves.  We also managed to get an old school table hockey set with all the old teams - it is quite the set - for free....

Then we went to Queen Elizabeth park to visit Bloedel Conservatory - awesome, as always.  Michael also decided to take a quick swim in the water fountain above the conservatory.  He got pretty banged up on his leg - not paying attention and running on the edge and splash. :)  All good - kids gotta be kids.

Tonight we've hung out with our niece, Justine, and tomorrow we are heading to meet Makena - Paula's brand new little bundle of joy - who decided to join us early... she arrived on July 8 - Kyle asked when Auntie Paula was picking up Makena - like it was a trip to Costco... pretty funny.

And that is all for tonight - other than - my anxiety has been terrible and I haven't been feeling very good and my jaw is BLAHBLAHBLAH... xxoo - good night and love you!

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