Sunday, July 17, 2011


So we decided to go on the river front trail for a bike ride - I was running behind because there was a straight stretch and the guys took off in front.  Then this moron comes around the corner and honks at the kids.  They are on the path - and I think he was honking just to be funny... but it was not funny. They both thought they were going to get hit by a car and Kyle stops and Michael tries to stop and then gets thrown off his bike over the handle bars and on to Kyle's bike and onto the ground.  The guy sees this all happening and drives off.  ASSHOLE!  Then he stops up at the next corner and gets his fishing stuff out and proceeds to look at his car and while you can plainly hear Michael crying he just carries on... rrrrr...  anyway -I catch up and while he didn't need stitches his knee is torn up and very swollen.  Can he walk... hell no - and we are about .8 of km from home... wicked... so now I have to pack him back to the house (because of course I didn't bring my cell phone - wouldn't have done much good - had no one to call - Andy was at work) what's worse is that I tore something in my shoulder four days ago and packing him - while I did it in the moment now hurts a lot... a lot a lot... anyways - I manage to carry him and drag the bike home and then call Andy to complain and one of his co-workers over hears the whole thing and decides to come over and see us - so while Andy headed to PG for another call, the Quesnel day crew came to the rescue.  They cleaned Michael up and put a nice big bandaid on his leg - wrapping him and advising him to eat ice cream and read comics for the rest of the day.

Alright... now to have some more tylenol for my shoulder and hang around the house...

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