Sunday, July 10, 2011


Lucky us, Makena made an early appearance so we got to visit this morning before we left the Lower Mainland.  She is sooo little.. our boys were never that small.  She was pretty sleepy during our visit - so we had some breakfast and hit the road.  Paula looks fantastic and I can't wait to see and hear more about their family :)

Breaking the trip up by visiting Paula, Dean and Makena actually seemed to make the day go by faster... we stopped for lunch at Emory gas station just outside of Hope which is definitely my new favorite place to stop - scenic, easy access, quiet...  my jaw has been awful today and it feels like I've pinched a nerve because my neck and shoulder are sore... this doesn't help the anxiety issues... blah - so this plagued me throughout the day.  I was definitely glad to get home.  Being gone two weekends in the row is not great.  We cleaned up when we got home, which was nice and then the guys went to bed late, but that's ok - it is summer vacation for them and they deserve some fun.


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