Sunday, July 31, 2011

long weekend

Alright my fancy friends - first - happy long weekend!  Amen to an extra day off!

We are just hanging around town this weekend - no official plans... no travel, no traffic, hopefully few stupid people :)

In other news... I've been seeing a massage therapist and she has totally helped my shoulder and jaw - it has been fantastic!

Yesterday morning we went for a run/bike with the kids - it was great - hit it before the rain came back.  4.6km and we ran (guys biked) pretty much the whole thing.  I know this doesn't sound far but it is the first long run that I've done since the race in May.  I haven't really done any running (very little) since May - just been focused on training in the gym.

And now - another day of non-work - hooray!  And six days until Mel and my super cute nephew arrive! HOORAY!

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