Saturday, July 16, 2011


I definitely watch food network but can't say that I've seen very many shows with Tyler Florence in them.  Maybe I just don't catch it at the right time of day.  We recently bought two cookbooks - one by Tyler Florence and one by Guy Fieri.  I haven't spent much time looking at Guy's book, but really enjoy Tyler's.  The book is called "Start Fresh" and most of the book has baby food and purees, but there are some great take away tips and the purees can be used as sides and blended with other things.  The book is laid out in an easy to understand way - intuitive even - and I'm really happy we bought it.

Tonight I'm making vegetable chips (from the book) and plan to make BBQ turkey meatloaf (minus the bacon), with mashed frosting - it is a fun idea for feeding kids, and turkey meatball stroganoff - that is the meal plan for this week - or part of it.  We are venturing into a new era of eating in our house - we've been endeavouring to eat healthier for a while, but we've really picked up our socks on this and have some plans for being health and fit (more than we are now) for later this year.


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