Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crafty Sunday

Well today we picked up a few supplies and made some crafts - definitely been inspired to get on the craft wagon after seeing Carmen's great stuff (and yes - this is another plug for her stuff... go - look - go - now...)

Michael made an airplane out of socks and some glue and some popsicle sticks... and I made an owl... out of socks... (like the bunny from last year, except puffier).  Michael decided that the owl was also his and he is sleeping with it as I write.

What else?  Well Michael loves cheddar cheese bagels - that kid could eat them at every meal - I mean - EVERY MEAL!  He also broke out with some mini blisters from a bandaid - so I'm not sure if that means he has an allergy or if something was under the bandaid that caused him to break out... blah - but he is ok - and it only pains him a little - it pains me as well because I hate to see him in pain ... blah...

Kyle is great - loving his new digs - mostly.  We are all adjusting - no tv has been a painful thing for them but they are getting use to it - and frankly, I love it.  I don't miss anything - ok - I'm a liar - I miss food network - but that's all.

My brother was here last night - blew through town as he bought a clown car (aka smart car) in vancouver and drove it through to Quesnel last night and out to Prince Rupert today.

Good night my loves - xo 


Jen said...

Being allergic to latex, I cannot use band-aid brand bandages as latex is used in the sticky stuff. Same with masking tape, and almost any other sticky substance. You might want to get your kids checked out for that.

april said...

Thanks, Jen - I definitely will have him looked at - I've never seen him react like this before and it is certainly not pretty.

Thank you!