Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Michael - floating and splashing in the tub - "mom, what is government"

Right... right - because there is an easy answer to that... hmmm... so I start with - you know Aunty Dawn's neighbour, she is part of government, she is the Mayor.

"hmmmmm - so she is the government"

Well no - she is part of government, there are lots of parts of government

There is an expression on his face that says I'm totally not connecting this for him.

And so I say the following.. government is like a cake - there are layers - there are three layers on the cake and then the candles on top are me and you and everyone else that isn't in government.

Government is like cake.  What kind of cake.

No - I did not answer with sarcasm or anything like - well it is 'ass cake' - I just said there are lots of layers to it and the cake is supposed to work together to stay together and then the candles don't fall off and we get to live great lives because all the layers are yummy and good.


Sigh - government... what's next... world politics ... probably...

xo - my loves - xo 

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