Thursday, November 24, 2011

nearly december

Tonight I spent most of the evening preparing my 2011 photo books.  I managed to put three together this evening and have one more that I'll work on this weekend.  Tonight was going to be a running night - but, alas, it wasn't in the cards - and tomorrow I'm absolutely swamped at work and won't get to go to the gym at lunch - blah...

It is a busy weekend in Quesnel - tomorrow night is moonlight madness and there are super great deals downtown. Then Saturday is the Christmas Farmer's Market - hooray - a really great time to just browse and catch up with people.  I'm not really getting into the Christmas buying thing this year - I'd really rather spend time with people than buy a bunch of stuff.  Take note friends and family - this means you - I will send cards, hopefully cookies... but that's about it this year... Christmas should be about family and friends and celebrating everything we have, celebrating each other - and so our Christmas will be quiet - I say that and fully anticipate that in about 26 days I'll get the phone call that Christmas should be at my place this year and don't I mind everyone coming over and my answer to that will be - why, of course - as long as you cook while I have my special coffee all day... if that works for you... then by all means...  I know - you are shaking your head - of course I'll cook - I didn't get to cook at thanksgiving - how could I miss the other turkey holiday...

I'd really like to just float away for Christmas - that is one of the most anxious days of the year for me and just thinking about that day caught me off guard this afternoon and then I reminded myself that everything would be great and fantastic and that fear was only holding me back from moving forward... and so my head space cleared and I went back onto finance issues in the office.

My sister arrives tomorrow - her life is a bit of a chernobyl scene right now - but really - I think we've all been there... ok - maybe it is only a few of us... anyways - she is in McBride tonight and driving to us tomorrow.

Alright my loves - that's about it for me tonight - I think I'm just going to finish my last photo book tonight rather than waiting.. and do some laundry and whatever else.


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